Microsoft, Google and Search Box in Internet Explorer 7

Google Protests: Microsoft gets a relief from authorities over Internet Explorer 7

U.S. antitrust authorities have good news for the software giants Microsoft. They have rejected the concerns raised by search engine giant Google related to the search box feature being introduced in the upcoming version of the popular Internet Explorer 7 web browser, which defaults to MSN Search Engine.

Google claimed that this default setting would give Microsoft an unfair advantage as Windows is the dominating operating system in use worldwide. Microsoft countered that challenge by claiming that if a user upgrade from an existing setup, the upgrade does not change the selected search engine. In addition, the company is providing users enough instructions on how to change the default search engine on the web browser.

The US justice department said in this issue that they found no basis for concerns voiced by Google over the search box being added in the IE7 update. They added that the new Internet search box in Microsoft’s browser “respects users’ and (computer makers’) default choices.” In addition, they also made it clear that the decision is final and they have concluded their findings in this matter.

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