Rumors about a portable Microsoft gaming device resurface

Rumors about a portable Microsoft gaming device resurface

Microsoft is more known for their software products considering they are currently the world’s largest maker of software applications for personal computing platform. However, they are also makers of some of the best-known hardware products like the Xbox gaming platform and also recently showcased their Origami project.

The latest rumors in the market as reported by San Jose Mercury News claims that the company is also secretly working on a handheld gaming device that will also play music and movies. The news source claims that this product will help the company compete with products from their rivals Sony and Apple Computers.

However, this product is unlikely to come out in the retail market for another year or two. This means that it might just be too late for them to enter into a segment, which is already reaching a stage of saturation with too many players.

The report claimed that this new unit is headed by vice president J Allard and other veterans of the team, which developed the awesome Xbox gaming console.

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