Microsoft face problems with trademark over Vista name

Microsoft face problems with trademark over Vista name

Microsoft has problems with the Vista name as some other company in the United States has ownership on the name. Microsoft has chosen Vista to be the name of their next generation Operating System scheduled to be released sometime next year. The company had been using Longhorn as the codename for this updated Operating System release until now.

The company in question is based in the same city Redmond as Microsoft. John Wall, CEO of Vista Inc. has said that they are evaluating all options in their hands for a potential lawsuit against the world’s largest software company. Wall says that they have the trademark over the name Vista and it might be an issue if Microsoft goes ahead with naming the next version of Windows Operating System as Vista.

Vista Inc deals in providing small businesses with online information systems, including custom applications, as well as with consulting services. Wall says that as long as the brand name is Windows Vista they should not have a problem with it. However, Vista as a brand name would still confuse their customers in the long run. The company is also looking forward to the enhancement in web traffic to their website in the coming days to analyze how much the keyword matters to the end user.

The company has a good case against Microsoft if they go ahead with their lawsuit considering they provide services similar in nature to what Microsoft provides from the vast range of software products. And with Microsoft being the larger and more recognized party of the two companies, it would result in financial losses for the company in case customers move onto choosing services offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft also recently announced plans to get seriously involved in the small business segment where they have a minority share.

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