Microsoft gets friendlier with Bug Reports

Microsoft gets friendlier with timely Bug Reports

Microsoft until now was selective about the companies they informed in advance about warnings about security issues. And this was creating furor in the user communities who only came to know about the bugs when the patches were released or the bugs were exploited.

Now, they are coming out with a program where they will publicly announce the bugs and security issues they would be fixing in the upcoming monthly bulletin. They would also release information on the severity and the affected products in these announcements.

Microsoft is getting serious about security in their software since quiet sometime now. The SP2 release of the Windows XP was primarily aimed at providing a more secure environment to the end user. And this step is just another extension to that initiative.

As per CBS News:

Microsoft typically releases security patches on the second Tuesday of each month, with the early warnings posted on its security Web site the previous Thursday. Beginning in December, Microsoft also will let people sign up to receive e-mail notifications.

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