Microsoft Bing Social enabled for all users in USA

Microsoft Bing Social enabled for all users in USA

Microsoft has rolled out the new social enabled Bing update to everyone in the US market.

This update brings Facebook and Twitter integration to the Bing platform. Users can now share their queries with their contacts on these social networks.

Microsoft spoke about this release:

We designed the new social features in Bing to make it easy to exchange ideas, share opinions and take action, giving searchers the same confidence they get from bouncing an idea off a friend. With Bing, it’s easier than ever to get that input and go from searching to doing. Available for the first time today, we designed a new center column, called snapshot, which makes it easy to get things done in one place. It includes information, such as maps and reviews, and quick ways to take action, so booking a restaurant reservation or checking hotel rates are now quicker and easier. The snapshot feature offers restaurant reservations, hotel reviews, movie trailers and show times, maps, and more right within the search experience; giving you everything you need to take action in one place and eliminating the need to visit multiple sites to complete tasks.

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