Yahoo! suing seven ex-employees and MForma Group

Yahoo! suing seven ex-employees and MForma Group

Operators of the world’s most popular website Yahoo! has revealed their decision to sue seven former employees claiming that they stole company secrets when they jumped ship to mobile-games publisher MForma Group.

The search engine company is also suing this company alleging that they stole Yahoo! technology through their former employees designed to easily deliver content to mobile devices.

Yahoo! is seeking an injunction today in Santa Clara Country Superior Court to prevent the former employees and MForma from using its technology. They are also demanding unspecified damages. This lawsuit is the result of recent negotiations between the two companies and the details were given out in the media by Reggie Davis, Yahoo associate general counsel.

Davis said: “This was not something we did lightly, and it’s not something we relish. It was something we felt compelled to do in order to stop the theft and make sure our secrets were not misappropriated.”

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