MetroTwit Loop is now publicly available for beta testing!

We have been using the beta versions of MetroTwit for a long time now. And it is fascinating to see new builds arrive on almost daily basis with bug fixes and new functionalities.

Until now, MetroTwit Loop had been in private beta testing. The developers have opened it to everyone who is interested.

Developers spoke about the decision in a blog posting:

Due to the extremely positive feedback we’ve received from our very helpful beta testers, we’re opening up the beta to everyone today.

If you’re technically adventurous, go download MetroTwit Loop today and look at all the things we’ve fixed since the last release. It can be installed side-by-side with the general MetroTwit release so if something breaks (as it might) you could always switch.

MetroTwit Loop opens to everyone!

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