Metro Conflict – With New Dedicated EU Servers, the Conflict is Expanding!

Two months after launch, Metro Conflict has received a huge update with new content and improvements being made to almost every aspect of the game!

Metro Conflict Update Details

The highlight of Metro Conflict’s latest update is the addition of dedicated European servers, something that the MC community has been requesting since launch. With the addition of these servers, the match queuing process has also been greatly improved to give players more choice and to allow players to spend less time in the menus and more time on the battlefield. But it doesn’t stop there; the following improvements have also been made:

Skill re-balancing
Improved menu interface
Kill-cam improvements
Re-balanced DTA SRS-A1 and AWM snipers
Improvements are great, but if you’re more interested in new content, don’t worry, the latest update is certainly not short on it, including:

A new game mode (Escape) and map
Clan battle league
Map-vote system
New weapons and skins
New challenges
There’s never been a better time to experience the conflict between the USS and PLF.

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