Maruti Suzuki gradually shifting production from Gurgaon to Gujarat

This one is going to hurt Haryana tax collection a lot.

Maruti Suzuki India has revealed plans to gradually move their car production facilities from Gurgaon to Gujarat.

The company aims to convert their plant in India from car manufacturing to engine manufacturing.

Maruti said: “Gurgaon is just too congested to have a car assembly plant. It’s no longer an industrial area … with residential and corporate offices coming up; the massive traffic movement due to large-scale manufacturing of cars often creates huge hindrances. Based on the observations of Osamu Suzuki, chairman of Suzuki Motor Corp (Maruti’s parent company), we plan to gradually convert it into an engine and components-making hub.”

Tata was also forced to abandon their manufacturing plant in West Bengal and they also decided to move to Gujarat.

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