Diesel Cars from Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti should be out with diesel cars next year

Maruti Suzuki earlier this year stopped production of all the diesel models it had considering their contract with Peugeot had finished and they had no diesel engine, which complied with the pollution norms in India. They are currently developing a plant in collaboration with Fiat, which would be manufacturing diesel engines, which the companies plan to use in their future products.

Diesel is cheaper than petrol in India and the difference in their prices is such that a lot of people prefer to go for a diesel car. This explains the huge success of the Tata Indica car which otherwise is not a very well developed car. Maruti expects to get more customers with the diesel engine powered versions of Suzuki Swift, Maruti Esteem, and Baleno.

MUL Chairman S Nakanishi told the company shareholders in a statement: “The diesel car market has been growing in India in recent years. Suzuki Motor Corp is known for petrol engine technology and does not manufacture diesel engines. It obtained diesel engine technology largely to meet the requirements of Indian customers.”

He confirmed that they would be out with diesel cars by next year.

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