Twitter has issues with ManageTwitter!

Twitter has issues with ManageTwitter!

ManageTwitter is a popular web based service that allows you to look for users that are no longer worth following on Twitter.

Twitter has now contacted them and asked them to make certain changes which they claim break their terms of use.

Twitter said in a message:

We’re writing to let you know that your application, ManageTwitter, breaks our Automation Rules and Best Practices ( Specifically, it facilitates bulk automated user unfollowing, which is not allowed. It’s best for both our users and your users if your application follows the rules, so please make the necessary changes, such as removing the “Select All” option (and requiring users to decide on each user individually) to bring your application into compliance.

ManageTwitter responded in their own statement:

Yes our application does facilitate bulk unfollowing BUT ManageTwitter does not facilitate any *automated* bulk unfollowing, the user has to filter based on criteria. The user is still required to do significant processing to unfollow groups of people. Furthermore the system only allows unfollowing of up to only 100 at a time.

Interestingly Twitter has not raised the issue of the term Twitter in ManageTwitter which could have been a bigger issue for them (trademark wise).

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