Mahindra & Mahindra showcases hybrid Scorpio and HY-Alpha Champion

Mahindra & Mahindra showcases hybrid Scorpio and HY-Alpha Champion

If you think that Indian companies lack the technical expertise to develop their own new technologies for automobiles, think again. Mahindra & Mahindra are showcasing two new concepts at the ongoing Auto Expo fair in New Delhi, which would clarify all the doubts, anyone had on their technical expertise.

The company has not only developed a hybrid version of the Scorpio in-house but is also showcasing a completely new hydrogen-engine three-wheeler called HY-Alpha Champion. HY-Alpha Champion is a sub-one tonne category three-wheeler, which runs on compressed hydrogen gas. The result is that the vehicle produces zero carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission.

Arun Jaura, vice-president, R&D and product development at M&M said in a statement on these new initiatives: “The HY-Alpha also provides better fuel economy by up to 25%, since it will cost roughly one rupee per km to run this vehicle at present costs.” The company has further plans to launch the hybrid Scorpio in the Indian market over the next two years and promises that it won’t cost a fortune.

Hybrid Scorpio comes powered by an add-on motor and a battery besides the petrol/diesel engine. There are no current plans to launch the concept HY-Alpha Champion vehicle in the country. Japanese auto major Honda is the other company showcasing their hybrid vehicles at the Auto Expo.

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