AMD introduces its Live! brand for consumer PCs

AMD introduces its Live! brand for consumer PCs

Intel has got some competition for their recently launched Viiv consumer brand as smaller rivals AMD has launched their Live! brand for consumer PCs into the home and they claim that it would provide a better multimedia experience with a different approach than Intel’s.

AMD aims to promote this Live! Brand to market their processor products targeted at the media professionals in film, broadcast and music. It comes powered with a suite of multimedia-related software and 25GB of free online storage for music, photo and video files.

One of the major parts of this suite is the Orb Networks service, which streams live or pre-recorded television programs, photos, music and movies to Web-connected devices.

AMD Live! Compress is also shipped in this package and it is a tool for recording television content in a compressed format. AMD claims that this technology can save up to ten times as many programs stored in an uncompressed format.

Both AMD Live! and Intel Viiv support Windows Media edition software and dual-core processors as part of its standard offering.

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