LG announces their Android ICS release schedule

LG has become the latest Android smartphone maker to release details about Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for their phones.

The company has largely disappointing news. Rollout would take place in the second and third quarter of the year which means that waiting of as long as 9 months might be required.

LG released the models that are included in the rollout:

Second quarter of 2012:
LG Optimus LTE,
Prada phone by LG 3.0,
LG Optimus 2X,
LG Optimus Sol,
LG my Touch Q and
LG Eclipse

Third quarter of 2012:
LG Optimus 3D,
LG Optimus Black,
LG Optimus Big,
LG Optimus Q2 and
LG Optimus EX

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