Laptop murdered… by Smartphones

Laptop murdered… by Smartphones

Today, from a business perspective, what is it that u can do with a laptop?
1. Make documents & presentations
2. E-mail your reports from the “field”
3. Browse the internet (for whatever reason you’d want to ascribe)
4. Play computer games to relieve the stress
5. Read books
6. Share files on an office network
7. Image/Movie editing

Smartphones today do all of this and MORE !!
These phones run an OS (which can be Symbian/WindowsMobile/Palm depending on which manufacturer you are looking at).
They can do all of the things a laptop can do (out-lined above).
Plus, they have the advantage of having cameras built-in, and by their nature, they are communication devices already, so they have always-on wireless access to voice & data calls, without even trying too hard! Combined with the advantage of being cheaper, smaller, and lighter, than a laptop, it makes for a deadly mix.

And the story doesn’t end here. Smartphones are extensible, since they run a programmable Operating System. So you can assign it roles that would be unthinkable of, on laptops.
– Portable radio
– Portable Music Player
– TV/DVD/Jukebox infra-red remote
– view TV channels on-the-go!
– Closed Circuit TV cameras, or spy-cameras
– Calculator of the right size
– keeping notes and to-do lists
– recording voices or sounds
It can go all the way to the esoteric, for example, an Anti-Mosquito sound-wave maker, or Anti-dog, to drive away street dogs with ultra-sonic waves.

A smartphone today can run the entire gamut of tasks that twenty devices did for you, until yesterday. It facilitates your work-flow, keeps you in touch, entertains you, and protects you! Its the complete personal device that everyone expected the PC to become, someday. Instead, what you see today, is the rise of the mobile phone to displace the laptop and the PDA, and emerge to be the super-gadget that aims to simplify human life in the 21st century.

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