Kosmix project aimed to challenge Google

Kosmix project aimed to challenge Google

If the search engine giants Google are reportedly aiming at acquiring an Indian startup Riya to get an edge over Yahoo! Flickr service, they are now going to face challenge from another Indian initiative in the field of internet searching.

Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan are two ex-students of Stanford University who knew the Google founders back in their college days have started an ambitious project called Kosmix. They are aiming at challenging the domination of Google on the internet by providing a more comprehensive search by gleaning more about the overall content of Web pages searched.

They are basing their search results on a new kind of technology called ‘categorization’. On searching for a particular keyword, it asks the user to choose a particular category related to the keyword to make the search more specific and accurate. The launch of this service is due next week at the DEMO conference for start-ups in Phoenix.

For now, the duo is testing out a health related search engine accessible at their website and is now aiming at expanding this category base in the coming months. The longer-term aim is to better the technology provided by Google for internet searching to benefit the end user. Ironically, the search engine available uses Google advertisement for their search result pages.

We at TechWhack were not very impressed by the quality of searches we received on the Kosmix search engine but it is a new startup and we would give them sometime to finetune their engines to report more accurate results.

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