Konica Minolta to exit from camera and photo business

Konica Minolta to exit from camera and photo business

The digital photography revolution has claimed another victim. Just a couple of days after Nikon said that they are slowing down manufacturing of film-based cameras, Konica Minolta have announced their decision to quit the camera and photo business. They have also said that they would now be transferring a portion of its digital single lens reflex camera assets to Sony.

The popularity of digital cameras, which have no use for age-old phenomena of film rolls, means that traditional camera companies are facing it hard to compete. Companies like Sony have taken over with their high-end digital cameras, which make it easier for users to take brilliant photos and transfer them to computers and printers.

Konica Minolta would now be withdrawing from the camera business this coming March. They have further plans to stop making film and color paper by March 2007. They are the third major players in the photographic film after Kodak and Fuji but play a relatively smaller role in the digital camera market.

They also recently collaborated with Sony and would be making digital SLR cameras in collaboration. The primary aim is to move away from the traditional film development market where there is not much scope left in the present scenario.

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