Kia Motors faces worker strikes

Kia Motors faces worker strikes

South Korean carmaker Kia Motors is facing problems with their workers who have now downed tools and have now joined their colleagues at the Hyundai factory, which is itself facing strikes from their workforce. Much of these conflicts are related to pay and bonuses issue. Kia is partly owned by the South Korean giant Hyundai and the workers implemented two stoppages during Monday’s working time.

In comparison, Staff at Hyundai walked off the job for a third day on Monday and more planned strikes is planned for this week. The basic demand is for better pay and better working environment. They also want reliability with their jobs and prevention of unexpected firings and layoffs. This is not a new phenomenon as workers keep on demanding more and more every year.

Both Kia and Hyundai have said that they are not much affected by such strikes and consider them routine business problems. However, the strikes would definitely result in cuts in production, as market experts believe the planned stoppages would knock output by 10,569 vehicles. Hyundai itself says that they cannot give in to these demands as global rise in fuel prices has already resulted in higher input cost for them.

These routine strikes might become a big hassle for this auto giant as it look towards the future with plans to become one of the major global giants.

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