Game on JFK's Killing Blasted For Insensitivity

Game on JFK’s Killing Blasted For Insensitivity

People find weird ways of raising controversies. And most of the time it is aimed to get cheap and free publicity from the media. Same concept has been used by the Scotland-based Traffic Games, which developed a game on John F Kennedy named JFK Reloaded.

The game reconstructs the scene of JFK’s assassination using the latest techniques available in the gaming industry. The company claims that they intend to promote the game with respect to the Kennedy family. But the game, which needs the player to recreate the three shots, fired at the then US president by Lee Harvey Oswald is not exactly getting good responses from the concerned families.

Senator Edward Kennedy described the game as ‘despicable’, but refused to comment on whether they plan to take any legal action against the game developers. The game company on the other hand finds the game educational! This story certainly will not die down quietly. Expect some heated debates and actions.

Hmm… I just gave them some more free publicity!

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