Japanese minister believes iPod a lesson for Japanese tech companies

Japanese minister believes iPod a lesson for Japanese tech companies

Entertainment giants Sony used to rule the market with their Walkman range of portable music players in the 80s and 90s. However, with the advancement in digital technologies, other companies took the initiative with Sony sticking to their own proprietary format of digital music. Apple launched the iPod and has not looked back since then. Sony is now trying hard to play the catch-up game and seems to gain no advantage over Apple’s innovative product offerings.

Heizo Takenaka, Japan’s Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications has now said that the success of iPod and the failure of Sony to realize how late they were to enter the digital player market is a good lesson for Japanese tech companies. He also said that the domination of the US based company in a segment once ruled by a Japanese firm means that there is need for wider reform of business practices and regulation.

Heizo Takenaka said in a statement: “Apple’s iPod provides a pointer to future possibilities as well as a lesson. Although it would have been natural for a Japanese electronics company to have developed the iPod, unfortunately, the concept of distributing music over the net did not take off in Japan, so it was Apple rather than Sony that developed the iPod.”

He added: The media market is about 4,000 billion yen (35 billion dollars); the telecoms market is 16,000 billion yen so together they are 20,000 billion yen. Instead of fighting frantically over this pie, there is an opportunity to grow it to 40,000 billion yen or 100,000 billion yen.”

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