Buy songs on iTunes with PayPal

Buy songs on iTunes with PayPal

Apple Computers have started accepting PayPal payments for songs available for sale on iTunes music store. In addition, users would be able to buy audio books and gift certificates using their PayPal ids.

eBay owned PayPal has practically become a type of web currency where anyone can use a mail id to send and receive payments on the web. PayPal requires a credit card or an American bank account as a method of approval to validate users.

This would be good news for many iPod owners who can now buy and even gift away songs easily with their PayPal accounts. PayPal is very popular on the web and can potentially bring in more revenues for Apple through their iTunes store.

In return, PayPal benefits from margins of the payments from Apple. The exact details have not been disclosed by the two companies. Overall, it is a win-win deal for the customer as they get another way to get hold of songs on their iPod.

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