iSuppli claims new iMacs costs around $898 to Apple

iSuppli claims new iMacs costs around $898 to Apple

Research group iSuppli have claimed that the new Apple iMacs are pretty profitable for Apple Computers. The company is retailing these new Intel powered iMacs at around $1,299 in the market and as per estimates by iSuppli, the hardware components cost around $898 to Apple.

They broke apart one of the new units supplied by the company and took estimates of the hardware components included in the package. They also took into calculations the bulk discounts Apple would be getting from the suppliers.

However, they have not included the components like the keyboard, mouse and documentation and costs of operating system and other software products, which are included in the package. They also found that Apple has used similar technologies like regular Intel notebooks to keep the package compact and cool.

Matthew Wilkins, senior analyst at iSuppli said in a statement regarding their research report: “Users want quiet and powerful machines. Intel is very focused on designing microprocessors that deliver the maximum performance without generating excessive heat or consuming huge amounts of power. For now, the Intel Core Duo fits that bill perfectly.”

However, considering a lot of resources go into the development of the complete package and the software applications, we can still thank Apple for giving us such fantastic products!

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