is safe for now as it gets acquired by Memset is safe for now as it gets acquired by Memset

Memset has announced that they are acquiring the link shortening service

They plan to continue running it in its current form thus securing its future for the time being.

Link shortening service market is largely a thankless service where revenues are hard to generate.

We have already seen demise of a couple as dominates the chart. We do have big players offering their own services which are likely to stay around for a long time ( from Google is a good example). founder Richard West stated that he would continue to work with the network and they are planning to launch some cool new features.

They are going to make available a free service enabling web publishers to create customized link shortening services. has a similar offering but it is not going to be free.

Memset MD Kate Craig-Wood spoke about the acquisition:

I love and use it a lot, and have often worried about a service like that failing or being bought and monetized. As a cloud provider, we have huge amounts of compute resource and bandwidth, so it was a good match for us. The costs are relatively small, and it also makes a great showcase for our network and hardware performance.

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