Apple iPod second hand market is strong as well

Apple iPod second hand market is strong as well

Apple has hit a jackpot with their iPod range of MP3 players. They sell millions of units of their digital music player every year. And they complement it well with their iTunes store, which is now also selling video content with the launch of the Apple iPod Video. However, there is another market for the iPod, which is not essentially controlled by Apple as such.

The company updates their products so fast, that a lot of people prefer to upgrade to newer models by selling their older generation iPods. This has given birth to the lucrative market for user iPods in the United States. The latest new models iPod nano and iPod Video have hit the market juts before the starting of the holiday season in the US and this is expected to raise the number of used iPods available for sale in the market.

Market analysts are predicting that Apple is due to sell around 10 million units of iPods this quarter. However, not all of them are going to be the first time buyers. Around 30 percent of the iPod purchasers are said to be upgrading from older versions. With a lifespan of just 1.5 years, the availability of older versions has risen in the last couple of months.

Most of these user iPods either are sold for cash, or trade in for new devices in the market. Others just give them away to friends or relatives. There is also a major demand for discontinued products and colors as they become a collectors item and might fetch a booty in the future as the iPod turns into a vintage gizmo!

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