iPod sales slowdown? Apple not worried

iPod sales slowdown? Apple not worried

Some market research companies have said that Apple would soon face a flattening sales growth of their digital music player Apple iPod. However, STEVE JOBS, the chief executive of Apple Computer has categorically stated that the company is not awfully worry about such a possibility.

He said that the drop in sales of MP3 portable music devices from 14 million to 8.5 million in the past couple of months on the stronger than expected demand during the holiday season last year.

Jobs added on the popularity of the Apple iPod: “To be honest, nobody has ever sold 8.5 million music players in a quarter.” Another possible reason for such a flattening sales could be that the company has not released a new or an updated Apple iPod for sometime now. Such new releases keep the momentum in the market as many current customers of Apple iPod goes on to acquire these new products.

Apple is also ahead of their schedule to convert all their Mac products to use the Intel platform. That should also help the company as many prospective customers waiting for an Intel powered Mac would jump in.

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