Internet is not that bad after all!

Internet is not that bad after all!

The general feeling around is that staying online is not that good thing to do for longer period of time as it detaches a person from reality and the real world. However, research has found that internet and email expand and strengthen the social ties, which complements the offline relationships.

This research was conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The researchers claimed that people not only socialize online, but they also incorporate the internet into their quest for information and advice as they seek help and make decisions.

In addition, the online interactions fits seamlessly with in-person and phone encounters. People are able to stay in touch with a larger group of people enhancing their social network. This is despite the fact that most people they tend to know online live far away, sometimes in other countries on the other side of the world.

Jeffrey Boase, a University of Toronto sociologist who co-authored the Pew Internet Project report said in a statement on this research report named “The Strength of Internet Ties”: “The larger, the more far-flung, and the more diverse a person’s network, the more important email is. You can’t make phone calls or personal visits to all your friends very often, but you can ‘cc’ them regularly with a couple of keystrokes. That turns out to be very important.”

John Horrigan, associate director for Research at the Pew Internet Project added: “Internet use provides online Americans a path to resources, such as access to people who may have the right information to help deal with family health crises or find a new job. When you need help these days, you don’t need a bugle to call the cavalry; you need a big buddy list.”

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