Internet as a source of time pass?

Internet as a source of time pass?

If you think that internet was all about work, think again. More interestingly, not many come online to check their mails as well. Recent surveys have claimed that as many as one-third of American Internet users go online just for fun!

This number has increased phenomenally compared to last year as the report from Pew Internet & American Life Project claims. Deborah Fallows, senior research fellow said in a statement on their findings: “”This tells us the internet is another place where people increasingly go to while away their time or just to hang out.”

The group believes that improved accessibility of broadband connectivity around the country is the primary reason behind this increase. The survey also found that men are more likely to come online for no particular reasons when compared to females.

As per online usage habits, sending or receiving e-mail ranked highest with 52 percent of Internet users saying they did this on a typical day. Searching for information came next at 38%. Around 31% users came online to catch up with the day’s news.

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