Intel showcases 45 nanometers chips

Intel showcases 45 nanometers chips

World’s leading microprocessor manufacturer for personal computers, Intel has announced that they have developed the world’s first microchip based on 45 nanometers technologies. The company believes that this new advancement would let them make better microprocessors, which provide more efficiency consuming less power.

This chip is etched with 1 billion transistors, which are just 45 nanometers wide. Mark Bohr, a leading Intel engineer said in a statement on this initiative: “It will pack about two times as many transistors per unit area and use less power. It will help future products and platforms deliver improved performance.”

Intel also confirmed that they are well on track to start making processors using this new technology by 2007 for mass deployment in personal computers. They just recently started making processors using 65-nanometer technology, which is now the standard for current generation of PC processors.

Intel is spending a lot on this new technology as they are facing increasing competition from their rivals AMD which has managed to take away some of the market share in the last few quarters. AMD was the first to come out with 64-bit processors though Intel took the lead with the launch of their Centrino Duo processors for laptops.

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