Intel now exits Digital TV Chip Market

Intel cancels Digital TV Chip Project

They just cannot stay out of news! First, they had to cancel the highly anticipated Pentium-4 4GHz processor. AMD responded with their new 64-Bit Processors, which are now arguably the fastest desktop processors for PC in the market. And yesterday, Intel came up with the upgraded Pentium-M processors which were labeled by the market as too meek of an upgrade..

The latest news is not healthy for Intel either. They have decided to move out of Digital TV Chip Market. Texas Instruments Inc. would be happy to hear this news considering they are the market leader in this field. Intel apparently did not find the move a healthy one in the short term considering the resources involved. Philips is another big company to have moved out of this market recently.

Intel had plans to enter the market in the second half of the year and planning to deliver the product to the end customer by the end of 2004. However, Intel now feels, the human resources involved in this project could be better utilized if they are put into the PC Chip departments where they are struggling to keep pace with AMD.

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