Intel based Mac Mini and iBook might be next

Intel based Mac Mini and iBook might be next

Apple Computers is due to announce new products next week but have revealed little on what these new products might be. The company has invited a group of media personals to their headquarter for showcasing some new exciting products and the media is going crazy assuming the kind of products, they might be launching.

Market analysts have predicted that this coming week could see Apple launching the Intel processor powered versions of their popular Mac Mini and Apple iBook computers. The company last year shocked the market by announcing that they were moving to the Intel platform from the IBM’s PowerPC chips. The company has already launched Intel powered Apple iMac and MacBook Pro last month.

Media analysts believe that the new products might be updated version of the $499 Mac Mini and iBook consumer notebooks. Apple has already made it clear that they are aiming at moving their entire lineup to Intel processors by the end of the year. However, Apple might also use this upcoming event to launch new iPod versions including one based on their recently acquired Touchscreen technology.

The company is rumored to be working on an iPod video player with a 3.5-inch diagonal screen. Or maybe, this might be the launching ceremony of the long awaited Apple iPhone! We would be tuned in to see what they have in store for the Apple fans worldwide.

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