Intel launches Centrino Duo in India, Viiv to come later

Intel launches Centrino Duo in India, Viiv to come later

Microprocessor industry giants Intel have announced the availability of their latest mobile technology, the Centrino Duo processors in the Indian market. The launch took place on Monday in Mumbai. The company claims that these processors are the biggest thing to happen for the mobile platform since the launch of the Wi-Fi.

Intel also added that the processor platform was developed in part by a 500-member team from Intel India led by Ram Vasantharam. The processor is based on a dual processor nicknamed Napa, which is very compact in size. The company claims that the new technical advancements enable the Centrino Duo perform better by almost 70% compared to earlier processors.

The processor runs two cores at the same speed, in parallel. This means that more processor intensive tasks can take place at a single time leading to better computing performance for the user. However, the disappointing news is that the company is not bringing their Viiv platform to the Indian market for now. Intel claims that Indian consumer electronics market is not mature enough for the Viiv platform and they would launch it on a later date.

RK Amar Babu, MD, Sales, and Marketing spoke about the Viiv platform: “We are speaking to content providers. We will work with service providers and tech companies. Hopefully, Viiv will be available in India within three years.”

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