Intel gains advantage over AMD with Centrino Duo platform

Intel gains advantage over AMD with Centrino Duo platform

The leaders in the microprocessor market Intel has made sure that they catch up with their competitors in releasing new products in the market. AMD beat them in the market with the launch of the 64-bit processors. However, Intel now has bounced back with their dual core processors, which are already available in the market with products from Apple.

Intel has made it sure that everyone realizes that their Dual Core processors are a reality and are available for sales in the market. First, they unveiled their mobile PC-oriented dual-core chip at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And Apple helped them more with the launch of the new iMac and Apple MacBook Pro at the recently held MacWorld Expo.

The company is now also claiming that they would be shipping more than 1 million units of the new Core Duo previously known as the Yonah processor. Intel has already committed to provide these new processors for 230 laptop models. 130 of these are expected to be made available in the market in the first quarter of the current year.

These new mobile processors would also help the PC manufacturers in the market where Laptop sales have overtaken the sales of desktop machines. Intel claims that the Centrino Duo platform offers 78% performance boost with a simultaneous 28% power reduction.

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