Insight, Innovation and Intelligence – AutoNebula Presents the Connected Transport Conference 1.0

India’s first business accelerator/incubator focused in the Connected Transport space – AutoNebula, is hosting a Connected Transport Conference on the 28th & 29th of January 2016, at Le Meridien, Pune, in conjunction with its launch.

The conference explores the top innovation and technology trends, emerging business issues and possible solutions, legal obligations and policies in the connected transport ecosystem. The spectators will leave with an understanding of how IoT enabled solutions will transform the connected transport infrastructure. “The world of transportation is changing dramatically and impacting the quality of life, be it traffic wait times or pollution. AutoNebula is looking to create and expand an ecosystem in India that will enable surface transport to communicate with each other, additionally it is offering to people with ideas, companies, products and an environment to bring about a large change in the lives of the people in the country.” said Sanjay Puri, a US based entrepreneur, recognized authority of US-India relations and founder of AutoNebula.

The conference is a platform to bring together critical stakeholders, start-up founders in the sector as well as expert mentors and speakers from all around the world, investors and regulatory authorities.

The Connected Transport Conference is a two-day program that includes:

Inaugural Session (DAY 1)

Session 1 – How Disruptive is the Evolution of Connected Transport Ecosystem?
Session 2 – Top Technology Trends in Connected Transport.
Session 3 – Deep Dive: Policy & Potential Legal Issues of Connected Vehicles.

The Connected Vehicle Professional – CVP Course (DAY 2)
The Connected Vehicle Professional (CVP) Credentialing Program is a comprehensive education and certification curriculum that helps professionals build a valuable skill set and increases professional credibility in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Community.

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