imo network launched in public beta

our favorite web based instant messaging service imo has announced the public beta launch of their imo network platform.

imo network launched in public beta

imo network is an instant messaging based social network. you can meet new people based on various criteria and chat with them online.

The company highlighted the features:

Meet New People: Meet New People lets you contact and chat with users on the imo network from around the world. Make new friends instantly!

Broadcasts: Broadcasts help spark conversations. Broadcast what’s on your mind, share links, or ask questions. If you see an interesting broadcast, join the real-time discussion.

Public directory: The public directory is a searchable listing of all users on the imo network. Search the directory by location, interests or school to find interesting people to chat with.

You get all the regular features of their platform on imo network:

Group chat
Group photo sharing
Voice IMs
File transfer

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