IBM, Freescale happy to let Apple Computers go

IBM, Freescale happy to let Apple Computers go

Apple Computers rather shocked the tech world when they announced last year that they were planning to shift to Intel microprocessors from the PowerPC architecture developed by IBM and Freescale.

Apple has now already launched two products based on the Intel processors and are working on moving their entire lineup to this platform. This has interestingly not disappointed IBM or Freescale as the companies seems to be happy leaving service Apple Computers.

The two companies have said that they are very happy developing the processor line further and are already selling millions of chips every year to automobiles, video games, and supercomputer companies.

The companies further benefit by shifting their employees working on the Apple range of computer processors to other product range divisions. IBM and Freescale have further plans to expand the usability of these processors to more consumer products.

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