IBM acquires CIMS Lab

IBM acquires CIMS Lab

US based tech giants IBM (International Business Machines) have announced their decision to acquire CIMS Lab Inc. IBM’s latest acquisition specializes in developing software that helps companies track and bill software and hardware usage in virtualized environments.

IBM has not revealed much on the financial aspects behind this deal but it would help them cover a missing section in their broad utility strategy. The company faces increasing competition from other players in the services market like Sun Microsystems and HP who have promoted virtualization.

IBM would now gain CIMS Lab’s expertise in helping business entities track the usage of computing resources across virtualized servers, storage, e-mail, networks, databases, applications, and operating systems. Ron Riffe, storage software strategist with IBM said in a statement on their latest acquisition: “What we’re seeing now as we continue rolling out virtualization to heterogeneous, open system platforms is that customers are asking the same questions: ‘how do I determine how much of the physical and software assets am I suing with my constituents.’”

IBM is now expected to merge the operations of this new subsidiary into their existing Tivoli division. In the longer term, they hope to ship CIMS Lab with IBM Director to complement the virtualization features in xSeries eServers and pSeries eServers.

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