Hyundai names O.S. Koh as new CEO of US division

Hyundai names O.S. Koh as new CEO of US division

South Korea based automotive giants Hyundai have named O.S. Koh as the new president and chief executive officer of their American division. He would be taking over from Bob Cosmai who has decided to leave the company to pursue other challenges. Hyundai is targeting US to be one of their main markets in the coming times and they need a competent individual to head them in the coming years.

Koh would be required to streamline the decision-making process, enhance communication, and position the company for future growth as per the statement released by the company announcing this appointment. They have also confirmed that the company has no further connections with Cosmai.

Cosmai said about his ending relationship with Hyundai: “All I can say is that I’m leaving on a very positive note, in a much better shape than when I got here in 1998. All the elements are in place, with the new products, and I wish them well. This happens and you can’t always explain things, but it’s been a very positive association.”

Koh is not new to handling tough responsibilities at Hyundai. He has worked as a senior executive vice president of Hyundai since a long time now and has been a part of their American operations since last year. He would now be heading the company division, which has overtaken global giants like Volkswagen, Mazda, and Subaru in the US market.

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