Hyundai Getz to get expensive

Hyundai Getz to get expensive

South Korean auto giants Hyundai have had an excellent run in the Indian automotive market. The company has a massive presence in the Indian market with models like Santro, Getz, Accent, Sonata, and others. The latest news from the company is that they are now looking towards hiking the price of their premium hatchback model Getz that competes with Maruti Suzuki Swift here in India.

The company said in a statement released this week that the prices of this model would be hiked in the coming days. Hyundai India president, Mr. B V R Subbu said in a statement: “We cannot postpone the hike in the prices of our production models. So we would be hiking the price of Getz by the end of this month.”

However, the company has yet not revealed the scale of hike on this popular car. The company also recently hiked the prices of their other two massively sold models in the Indian market, Santro and Accent. Maruti too announced similar hikes on most of their models recently. Nevertheless, it is surprising to see that Hyundai is considering hiking the prices of their Getz model, which is facing massive competition from Swift, which has been a massive success in the Indian market.

It would be interesting to see how the hike would affect the sales of Getz compared to Swift in the coming months.

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