3 years and iPod is still hot

3 years and iPod is still hot

When Apple released iPod three years ago, no body knew what technological revolution they were going to witness. People bought iPod with skepticism then and found out how cool it was. And three years down the line, they are still buying iPod and they are buying it in huge numbers that it has been called the Walkman of the 21st century.

Sony is ruing lost chances and bowing to huge public demand have given up proprietary format for MP3 enabled music players. Virgin is in with their own digital music player. Moreover, with the launch of iPod Photo, they have broadened the field to photo displaying ability. This would compete heads on with Sony’s Vaio Pocket, which has similar capabilities.

With U2 iPod, they might be starting a new trend of marketing music to the masses. Instead of using Music Bands to promoting their hardware, they are promoting U2’s music through their products, which in the end would benefit both the brands. Users are being tempted into buy a complete collection of U2 in a digitized boxed set consisting of around 400 songs for just USD149!

Now the question in most analysts’ mind is how long Apple can keep their lead in this market. How long will it take the competition to catch up and of course, what is on Steve Jobs’ mind for the next revolution from Apple’s stable which is somehow coming with more surprises every few days…

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