Honda considering hybrid cars for Indian market

Honda considering hybrid cars for Indian market

Japanese automaker Honda has an Indian presence in the form of Honda Siel and they manufacture and sell models like the Honda City and Honda CRV in addition to the fabulous Honda Accord. They have further plans to launch the Honda Civic sometime this year. The latest news from the company is that they are now studying the market for a potential launch of a hybrid vehicle.

The company is one of the dominating players in the global markets for such hybrid vehicles. Their Insight model competes with Toyota Prius in markets like Japan and United States. Honda Siel has now said that their future model range might include hybrids. However, this would largely depend upon the support they get from the Indian government in the form of tax benefits and low import duties for technical parts.

Masahiro Takedagawa, President and CEO of Honda Siel Cars said in a statement that the current duty structure in India is a deterrent to make such a move at the moment and they are hoping that the government consider their suggestions on making hybrid technology viable for the Indian market.

However, the company warned that such advanced technologies could only be made available in higher end models considering the high costs of incorporating them into the cars. This means that such cars would not be available in lower segment cars in the foreseen future.

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