Honda Civic Hybrid New Engine is more efficient

Honda Civic Hybrid New Engine is more efficient

Hybrids are gaining so much popularity in the market that Toyota is thinking about doubling up their manufacturing capacities to meet up with the market demand. Honda is not staying behind and is working on enhancing their own technologies to compete on the global levels with the other Auto Manufacturers.

They have claimed that their new engine on its Civic gasoline-electric hybrid car will be 5 percent more fuel efficient than the current model. This new 1.3-liter engine is being developed to power the Honda’s redesigned Civic hybrid compact car when it goes on sale in September. Honda was addressing the press conference at a presentation in Tokyo today.

Honda Civic is the company’s second most popular model in the world and is aimed to snatch away customers from rival companies. The models it would be competing are Toyota Corolla, Nissan Tiida, and Ford Focus. The company would be manufacturing this car in 12 nations around the world including the recently emerging global giant China.

Honda Senior Managing Director Motoatsu Shiraishi said in a statement at the conference: “We’re confident that this new engine will win customers since it has more power and is more efficient.” This new model would also give around 20% more power than the existing model along with 5% more fuel efficiency. The current Civic hybrid can go 29.5 kilometers per liter of gasoline, while its Insight can go 36 kilometers and Toyota’s Prius gets 35.5 kilometers per liter.

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