Hewlett-Packard launches iPaq HW6900

Hewlett-Packard launches iPaq HW6900

US based tech giants Hewlett-Packard has announced the availability of their latest range of iPaq devices. This new device is iPaq HW6900 and it comes equipped with four wireless amenities, including WiFi.

HP iPaq HW6900 is basically a PDA-phone combo and combines a Pocket PC, a phone, a digital camera and a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. It is capable of handling four different kinds of network connectivity: WiFi, GPRS for mobile data and Bluetooth — in addition to the GPS.

Ted Clark, HP’s senior vice president and general manager for mobile computing said in a statement on this device: “If you can find a wireless signal anywhere, this device will get you connected. We’ve never had a product like that, and far as we know there isn’t a product like that.”

The device comes powered by the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 platform and hence enables the user to access his e-mail, calendar items, and contacts from their company’s Exchange e-mail server.

HP iPaq HW6900

HP is also considering talking with Skype to enable VoIP capabilities on this device.

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