HD DVD players, media arrives and already sells out

HD DVD players, media arrives and already sells out

Toshiba should be happy by the response to their newly launched next generation HD DVD based players. These players were recently launched in the retail markets and as per incoming reports, they are already hard to find as most of the stores have reported that they have sold out their stocks of these products.

The actual sales figures are not available. Nevertheless, the general feeling is that most stores are already out of their stocks as the players were sold out as soon as they made appearance on the shelves in these stores.

Best Buy representatives however reported that only two HD DVD titles were in stock as of Tuesday: Phantom of the Opera and The Last Samurai. These are the movie titles from Warner Home Video who are going to soon release HD DVD version of the hit movie Million Dollar Baby.

Toshiba’s competitor in this market, Sony is due to launch their Blu-Ray technology based products next month. And it would be interesting to see how well these players sell when they are competing heads on.

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