Growl: We are not dead

Apple released a developer’s preview of their next OS update Mountain Lion earlier this week.

One of the new features of OS X Mountain Lion is addition of a Notification Center. This feature is designed to collect notifications from different apps installed on the system at a centralized place.

Mac users already use a third party app for this functionality… Growl.

Growl: We are not dead

The developers behind the Growl app have now said that the project is not going to die. In fact, they have big plans for Growl for the future.

Developer Chris Forsythe said in a blog post:

We’re investigating options for integrating Growl with Notification Center
Growl will work whether your application is from the app store or not
We’re still on schedule to release Growl 1.4 and 2.0
Growl is great for customizable notifications
Development of our other applications will continue

One thing to notice however… Growl is now a paid app. It was free for a very long time.

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