Google provides widgets for the Macintosh Dashboard

Google provides widgets for the Macintosh Dashboard

Mac users who are also fan of the services provided by search engine giant Google have great news as the company has released a couple of widgets for the Apple Mac OS X Dashboard which makes it easier for the users to access Google Services from their desktop.

The company has launched desktop widgets for their Blogger, Gmail, and search history service. These are available for the Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger’s” Dashboard feature. These kinds of widgets enable the users to access the web-based services without using a browser application as they run directly on the desktop.

The Google Blogger widget enables the Mac users to Blog to Google Blogger service directly from the desktop without requiring to load the web browser application. The Gmail widget checks the content of your Gmail account inbox. Users can access the mails by clicking on it, which opens up the web browser.

The Google Search History widget enables the web user to search for their previously searched for keywords on the Google Search Engine. These widgets are available as free downloads from the Google website.

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