Google Wave adds remove user functionality!

Google Wave adds remove user functionality!

Google Wave might not be making much news these days (Facebook and Twitter hogs the headlines) but the developers are hard on work to make it an enterprise ready service.

The latest feature added by the developers is the ability to remove a user to a wave. Google Wave users can also remove themselves from a wave now.

Google developers spoke in a blog post on why it took them so long to add this ‘expected’ functionality…

They speak about some possible scenarios and then explain what happens when a person is removed from the wave.

I personally believe that they have found a good balance with the removal functionality.

Here are some of the features:

If you add someone to a wave, and remove that person at a later stage…

If the other person did not check the wave, he would not get any alerts or messages.
If the other person did check the wave, he gets the ability to view a read only wave till the moment he was a participant.

The system has been designed to prevent you from knowing if the person you have removed viewed the wave before he was removed or not.

Read more about the entire concept: Removing participants

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