Google’s entry into the VoIP Business?

Google’s entry into the VoIP Business?

Search engine giant Google is making all kind of news. Their shares are down on not meeting market expectations. They have denied making a deal with Napster over a possible music download service and they have reportedly accepted that they are indeed working on an internal Linux distribution, which is not expected to see a public release in the near future.

The one news, which would make the headlines in the coming days, would be that the company has accepted that they have contracted with a Florida-based company to provide Internet telephony services for its free click-to-call service.

This new service should enable the consumers to speak with advertisers on its search results without having to pick up the phone and dial. They have collaborated with VoiceOne who have been already working with the search engine giants for other services. The contract stands valid for two years and not much has been revealed by the two companies.

Google said in a statement: “We are working with VoIP, Inc. on a click-to-call advertising test which we began late last year. We have no further details to share at this time.” This new service if implemented widely would face competition from similar services being planned by their competitors like Yahoo, Microsoft, and IBM. The company is also facing a lawsuit by Rates Technology who has claimed that the company’s instant messenger application Google Talk infringes on their patents.

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