Google Video Store should be online today

Google Video Store should be online today

Google announced the launch of its iTunes competitor with much fanfare on Friday. However, we were as surprised to see it missing in action as perhaps most our readers were. It seems like that the search engine giant had some technical issues, which delayed the launch. The latest news in is that the service can start working as soon as today itself. And we would love to see how it opens up the world of video selling on the internet for everyone.

The service would open up the Google’s Online Video Store for anyone to upload their digital videos and make them available for sale or rent. Google would be taking a small share of this payment as their hosting and service fee and they have promised to be very modest with their fees. In a way, the service would be competing with rival services like the Apple iTunes, which deals with music and media companies offering their videos for sale on the net.

Google has also gone in collaboration with several movie and TV producers and plan to offer shows of CSI, NCIS, Survivor, and The Amazing Race for sale on their video store. They would be made available at a price of $1.99 each. However, these videos won’t be playable on portable devices, which happen to be the strength of Apple iTunes offerings. Apple basically uses iTunes to popularize their iPod range of digital music and video players.

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