Google finding it hard to lure workers in UK

Google finding it hard to lure workers in UK

Techie guys in the United States might be more than interested in being hired by the search engine giant company Google. However, the company seems to be facing problems finding enough talented people to hire in their UK Division.

The company already has sales staff in London and just recently began hiring developers for their research projects based in the country. Rian Liebenberg, information systems director of Europe said in a statement: “Our growth is exceptional in the current market conditions, so in order to stay abreast of new innovations and indeed the competition, we need to continuously seek the best talent, not only in the UK but across the world.”

However, it seems like the company is failing to interest many smart developers to try their luck and join the search engine company, which has recently explored venturing into other online services.

Liebenberg believes that the prospective developers might fear that they might have to relocate themselves to Google’s North American base. However, he denies any such possibility and claimed that the company does more than just develop a great search engine and their would be no such condition that the workers would indeed have to move to the US after joining the company.

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