Google Transparency Report now show data related to copyright violation removal!

Google Transparency Report now show data related to copyright violation removal!

Google has rolled out a major update to their Transparency Report project.

Google Transparency Report is where they reveal what kind of content was removed from their services on requests made by governments, businesses and regular people.

The idea was to show what they were doing to obey with the local laws and regulations in different countries around the world.

Google has now added tons of more data to this database. You can now check out content removal related to copyright infringement. Google said:

Today we’re expanding the Transparency Report with a new section on copyright. Specifically, we’re disclosing the number of requests we get from copyright owners (and the organizations that represent them) to remove Google Search results because they allegedly link to infringing content. We’re starting with search because we remove more results in response to copyright removal notices than for any other reason.

Google added:

Fighting online piracy is very important, and we don’t want our search results to direct people to materials that violate copyright laws. So we’ve always responded to copyright removal requests that meet the standards set out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). At the same time, we want to be transparent about the process so that users and researchers alike understand what kinds of materials have been removed from our search results and why. To promote that transparency, we have long shared copies of copyright removal requests with Chilling Effects, a nonprofit organization that collects these notices from Internet users and companies. We also include a notice in our search results when items have been removed in response to copyright removal requests.

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